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Glasslined reactors - 3V Tech

Reactors are glass lined with premium highly acid corrosion resistant glass G2208, available in blue, light blue, white and TransLucent . Full range of probes available for temperature, pH, level measurement and sampling. Reactors. Glass Lined Reactor BE Type Reactor DIN 28136.

Advantages of Glass Lined Reactors - Standard Glass Lining .

Glass lined Reactors (GLR's) have a glass (enamel) coating on the product wetted surfaces to provide high levels of chemical resistance to said surfaces. The glass coating is sprayed then fused onto the surface of sub-straight material at high temperature, in a repetitive process until the desired glass thickness is achieved.

THALETEC - Supllier of glass lined equipment, glass .

THALETEC supplies a full wide range of glass lined equipment, i.e. tanks, columns and receivers. Thaletec offers you high efficient jacketed or halfcoil reactors and high efficient glass lined compact heat exchanger or with SIC pipes for an even smaller construction.

Glass Reactor | De Dietrich Process Systems

Jacketed glass reactors up to 100l and reactors with immersion heaters up to 200l can be heated and cooled with a thermo fluid whereas spherical reactors up to 500l equipped with a electrical heating mantel can only be heated.

Glass Lined Reactors-Glass Lined Vessels

3V Tech provides high performance Glasscoat equipment and Components in glass-lined steel for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry. Some of the processes include; Mechanical fabrication before glass-lining is carried out in the factory.

Chemical reactors | Pfaudler

The core of our chemical reactor design is our corrosion resistant Glasteel® technology. We have a wide range of glasses for safe operation for acidic and alkaline processes, high temperature applications and abrasive processing with solids. We have standard .

Improve Batch Reactor temperature control

glass-lined batch reactors where the slave loop oper-ates on the jacket inlet temperature to protect the lining. Th e heating/cooling supply can have various split-range (TY) confi gurations such as control valves to hot/cold headers (which we'll call Case 1), control valves to steam and chilled-water heat ex-

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Our facilities are equipped with a range of reactor sizes, glass lined reactors and S.S. Reactors, some reactors are capable of operating at high extreme temperature. Other equipments includes .

Used Glass Lined Tank Reactors | Buy, Rent or Lease

Pfaudler, 300 gallon glass lined reactor rated for 100 Psi internal. Full vac at 450 deg and 90 Psi jacket pressure at 350 deg. Retreat curve glass lined impeller. Speed range is 30-180 rpm. 2 piece construction with clamped top head to dished bottom section.

Glass-Lined Reactor | Glass Lined Equipment | Taiji

Glass lined reactor is an outstanding anti-corrosion chemical reaction vessel. It is engineered from different steel lined with a layer of vitreous enamel with high density silicon dioxide. The vitreous enamel is firstly coated on the internal face of the steel vessel and then firmly adhered to it through high temperature sintering.

Thermal Shock in Glass Lining Reactors - Pharma Engineering

Let me explain about this, if we want to operate the reaction mass at 20 C, then the extreme range of temperatures are -60 C on lower side and 180 C on higher side. (You might find that on the scale top, the mass temperature and jacket temperature both will remain same, this is because we shouldn't handle the GL reactors at those temperatures.)

Glass-lined Reactors| Reactors

Volume range: 63 to 1'000 l Pressure: -1 to 6 bar Temperature: -25 to +200°C Material: All Thaletec glass linings available Glass-lined reactors of Thaletec offer excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, pressure, water vapor, thermal shock, and wear. The reactors in the AE design are characterized by a main flange gasket with the same diameter as the total reactor.

Control Strategy of Glass-Lined Batch Polymerization .

scheme of glass-lined batch reactor has been developed for PVC resin industrial process. With (i) Split range controller of cascade control scheme act as a local controller for manipulating the jacket temperature of reactor by pumping +10 ℃,cooling water or if necessarily chilled media,

Reactors - AE - Standard Glass Lining Technology

SGL manufacture a range of Glass-Lined Reactor designs in a variety of materials, specifically stainless steel and carbon steel. Our 'AE' range of Reactors has a two-part construction, manufactured to exacting standards and international specifications.

Halar® ECTFE Fluoropolymers | Solvay

Halar® ECTFE offers outstanding chemical resistance over a broad temperature range and is stable at pH levels from 1 to 14. Because of its exceptional chemical resistance, the material cannot be processed using solution phase inversion.


3009 glass is about 80% greater than that of the former glass. MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Abrasion The abrasion test is far from the actual working conditions of a glass-lined reactor where the effects of the chemical attack enhance those of abrasion. Nevertheless, it allows a comparison between glasses, showing 3009 glass advantageously. Statisti-

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Our facilities are equipped with a range of reactor sizes, glass lined reactors and S.S. Reactors, some reactors are capable of operating at high extreme temperature. Other equipments includes Centrifuges, Vacuum Tray Drier, Multi Mills, Tray Drier, in clean finishing suites.

Flush Bottom Tank Valves - Glass Lined Flush Bottom Valves .

The glass-lined design also enables use across a wide temperature and pressure range. The wetted parts feature the same characteristics of all other glass-lined equipment including resistance to corrosion, thermal and mechanical shock. All other parts in contact with the process are made of fluoropolymer (PTFE, PFA).

Glass Lined Equipment | Mixing Systems | Filtration .

TYPE 4300 GLASS Pfaudler Type 4300 glass is still an acidic type of glass, but its primary application is based on improved alkali resistance. Pfaudler Type 4300 glass coatings are advisable wherever alkaline conditions prevail during the cycle, or as a result of concentration and temperature, or where concentration and/or temperature conditions exceed permissible limits for conventional glass.


properties and permanent resistance in atmosphere (humidity, gasses and temperature changes) results in suitabili-ty of TF34 system for all type of glass lined reactors and different aggressive chemicals. It is highly resistant to corrosion and it provides an efficient seal without danger of damaging the glass lined .

Glass-Lined Reactor, Electric Heating Type Manufacturers .

Electric Heated Glass-Lined Reactor. Main Features 1. The electric heated glass-lined reactor produced by Taiji is characterized by rapid heating property, excellent resistance to high temperature and corrosion, great hygienic performance, no environmental pollution, ease of use, etc. 2. It is a new type of glass lined process equipment manufactured on the basis of state of the art .

Industrial Reactor - Chemical Reactor Manufacturer from Mumbai

With the valuable assistance of a skilled team of our professionals, we are offering a wide range of Used Industrial Glass Lined Reactors. The offered reactors are commended among customer owing to their performance outstanding finish. These reactors are provided in .

Electrical heating Anti-corrosion pilot glass-lined reactor

Is the fine chemicals, bio-pharmaceutical, new materials, the ideal pilot and production equipment. 1.Capacity 5L-200L. 2.Including jacketed reactor,condenser,storage tank,conduction oil preheating tank,hot oil pump,pipelines,valves,temperature gauge PT100,pressure gauge,platform etc. 3.Glass-lined type. 4.Heating and cooling by jacket or .

Chem-Flowtronics Kilo Labs & Glass Process Equipment .

Temperature (–90°C) up to 220°C; Pressure. Glass Triple Wall Reactor /Glass reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.5 bar) SS, Hastlloy and Glass Lined reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.6 bar) special Design up to 20 bar; Capacities. 10 L up to 500 L

Intertek Group LP

The plant is generally stainless steel with 1 glass reactor and 1 rubber lined reactor for Alum Sulphate. Both raw materials and finished product are stored within the centre. The Warehouse and Distribution Centre is licensed for the storage of Class 8, Class 6, Class 5 and Class 3 dangerous goods. Intertek has 4 high temperature reactors.

Kilo Lab systems – jagdamba

Temperature (–90°C) up to 220°C; Pressure. Glass Triple Wall Reactor /Glass reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.5 bar) SS, Hastlloy and Glass Lined reactor (Full vacuum up to 0.6 bar) special Design up to 20 bar; Capacities. 10 L up to 500 L

Manufacturing - Siegfried

Range of reactor volumes: 2,000 - 8,000 liters (stainless steel, glass-lined, Hastelloy C22) Number of reactors: 75: Temperature range-20 to 150°C (200°C on specific reactors) Pressure range: 1 mbar to 6 bar (12 bar on specific reactors) Product isolation: 32 theoretical plate distillation columns, thin layer evaporators (stainless steel and .

Used Reactors | Buy & Sell | EquipNet

Used Glass Lined Reactors. . Pfaudler invented glass-lined steel and is used extensively all over the world. EquipNet carries a range of used Pfaudler and De Dietrich equipment, including used glass lined reactors and much more. Showing 1 - 50 of 79 listings.

Suryamani – Glass Lined

Vision Mission. Our vision is to bring innovations in the glass-lined steel industry with a top-notch and highly equipped technological base; for our experienced and dynamic workforce that ensures the state-of-the-art techniques in glassed-steeled equipments and provide a wide range of all-embracing and value-added solutions to our ever-expanding customers.

10 Gallon Glass Line REACTOR #225350 For Sale

IPP's selection is no different with over 1,000 different reactor vessels in stock covering all common reactor materials of construction, a wide range of pressure reactor ratings and supported temperature ranges, both horizontal and vertical reactor orientations, an array of agitated reactor styles as well as specific process reactor types like .