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Fuel Pumps | Tempest Plus

A: Please refer to the application charts on the fuel pump page to find the correct pump for your aircraft. If you or your mechanic will supply us with the aircraft make, model and engine type, we will be happy to provide you with the applicable pump for your aircraft (call 1-800-822-3200 or e-mail [email protected] ).

Slick Magneto ( Impulse ) - 4371 - Aircraft Magnetos

QAA carries the New Exchange Slick Magneto 4371. For quality aircraft products, contact us today at 877-833-6948 or [email protected] for more info.

Rapco, Inc. - Home

Rapco, Inc. 445 Cardinal Lane Hartland, WI 53029 USA: Toll Free: 1-800-527-2726 Phone: 1-(262)367-2292 Fax: 1-(262)367-7158

Spark Plug | Tempest Plus

Q: What size spark plug does Tempest® manufacture? A: Tempest currently manufactures only 18mm spark plugs. Q: What spark plug should I use for my engine? A: Please refer to the Tempest application chart.There are several things you will need to know as most engines have several different spark plugs approved. You will need to know your harness B-nut size.

Dry Air Pumps | Tempest Plus

Before Tempest®/Aero Accessories, LLC offered an overhauled pump, we spent more than a year in research and testing to determine what was required to produce a quality overhauled pump that would last as long as a new pump producing the vacuum or pressure required for aircraft application. In 1984 Tempest®/Aero Accessories, LLC had its .


VACUUM PUMP APPLICATIONS *For use with vacuum driven auto-pilots **See aircraft parts manual Guide is reference only please refer to Type Certificate IPC for intallation eligibility AIRCRAFT MODEL ENGINE DRY AIR DRY AIR WITH MANUF. MODEL PUMP (ovh) PUMP (New) DE-ICE BEECHCRAFT Baron 56TC, A56TC LYC TIO-541E 212CW RA216CW RA442CW cont. 242CW*

Tempest Vacuum Pump Application Chart - SkySupplyUSA

Tempest Vacuum Pump Application Chart; Categories. Pilot Supplies; Aircraft Parts and Supplies; Aviation Books & Software; Aviation Gifts; Apparel and Sunglasses; Disinfectants - Wipes - Hand Sanitizers - Gloves; Tempest Vacuum Pump Application Chart. Tempest Dry Air Pump Application Chart. Sign up for our newsletter.

Application Charts - Aircraft Specialties

Goodyear Application Chart . Vacuum Pumps. FAA-PMA New & FAA approved overhauled dry air pumps in stock. Don't forget to send in your core and change out your filters and hoses. Tech Tip: Most warranty claims result from pieces of hose being sucked into a vacuum pump. Avoid the possibility by changing the hose from the filter to the pump.

Tempest AA215CC-9 Pump - SkySupplyUSA

Tempest 215CC-9 Overhauled Vacuum Pump. Closed front ends prevent the residual oils and solvents which result from pressure washing from entering the drive mechanism of the pump. Our revolutionary patent-pending LRT oil diverter system is designed to drain oil from leaking garlock seals away from the pump.

Bendix Aircraft Magneto (S6LSC-25) - 10-500556-3 | QAA.com

10-500556-3 CMI/TCM/Bendix Magneto. The 10-500556-3 CMI/TCM/Bendix Magneto is an aircraft magneto meant for several models of 6-cylinder aircraft engines.

Brackett Air Filters and Elements from Aircraft Supply

BA2305 Bracket Air FIlter Element for BA-2110 and BA-2310 Filter Assembly

Vacuum Pumps: Wet vs.Dry - AVweb

The tempest pumps are available as new or overhauled exchange units. Sigma Tek vacuum pumps also represent an improvement in design, with vanes made of a composite material rather than the carbon material used by the original equipment manufacturer. The composite vanes have not shown any increased tolerance to foreign object damage better than .

Vacuum Pump Trials: Which Sucks Best? - Aviation Consumer

Mar 20, 2007 · Aviation Consumer performs a product test on vacuum pumps, Sigma-Tek s new piston pump looks promising, but for now, we re sticking with vane pumps .

Vacuum Pumps, Dry Air Pumps, New, Rapco from Aircraft Supply

Categories » Engine Parts and Accessories » Vacuum Pumps, Dry Air Pumps and Components » Vacuum Pumps, Dry Air Pumps, New, Rapco RA716 RA 716 Vacuum Pump Wrench.


TEMPEST 3000 SERIES TORNADO DRY AIR VACUUM PUMPS New revolutionary LRT oil drain, patent pending feature is designed to drain oil, caused by a leaking Garlock Seal, before it reaches the drive coupler. Provides a tell tale leak path. Closed


TEMPEST NEW DRY AIR VACUUM PUMPS Aero Accessories, Inc. 'Tempest' AA3200 Series, AA240 Series, & AA400 Series Dry Air pumps incorporate their patented "channel cut" in the mounting flange face, which when utilized with their patented LR


AIRBORNE VACUUM PUMP REPAIR KITS Basic Kits ­ FAA/PMA kits include rotor, vanes, gasket, and drive coupling. Deluxe Kits ­ FAA/PMA kits include rotor, coupler, external spline, bushing, blades, nut, cushion washer and band gaske.

Vacuum Pumps Documentation and Charts | J&J Air Parts Inc

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BeechTalk.com • BT - Vacuum pump - Rapco or Tempest?

Oct 07, 2011 · Vacuum pump - Rapco or Tempest? 03 Oct 2011, 13:34. Thinking about a spare vacuum pump to have in the hanger. Looks like the Tempest and the Rapco new 216CW pumps are both about 290. . I believe all three of these are pressure pumps. Note in the application guide there are several Bonanzas for which all three of these are approved pumps. 07 .

Slick Aircraft Magneto - 4310 - New & Rebuilt | QAA

Q: What is a good core return? A: A good core return for a rebuilt Slick Magneto is going to be a current series 4300 or 6300 Slick Magneto. If a new Slick Magneto is purchased, then older series Slick Magnetos can be considered for credit on a case by case basis.

New Vacuum Technology in the Market: Tempest Industrial .

Utilizing innovative and proven vacuum technology, the Tempest Industrial Air Mover from RAMVAC by Sewer Equipment is capable of removing dry and liquid materials over a long distance and from great depths. The debris box is 18 cubic yards, providing operators with the power and storage to get a job done quickly and efficiently.

Help: Replacement for Airborne STC Vacuum Pump - CESSNA .

Dec 07, 2012 · -Upgrade from the generator to the Planepower 50amp alternator ( 750+ install) and then get a 337 to install an electric powered vacuum pump (Tempest has one for 1600+ install). This would give the added power of the alternator at the expense of cost.


TEMPEST NEW DRY AIR VACUUM PUMPS . 1488.00. CESSNA REPLACEMENT PARTS . 156.75. O-RINGS . 3.45. AN819 SLEEVE, COUPLING . 7.50. TEMPEST 3000 SERIES TORNADO DRY AIR VACUUM PUMPS . Application Guide Improved (inlet and outlet) stator porting reduces peak loads and improves airflow. "Bi-polar" pumping action helps maintain balanced rotor .

CSOBeech - Beechcraft Maintenance Nightmare Pictures

The fuel pump (newly OH'd also) was the first suspect, but it tested OK. My friend (automotive Master Mechanic) brought his handheld/operated vacuum pump & we tested the integrity of the fuel system AFT of the firewall. Using a clear section of hose, we attached his vac pump to the fuel supply line where it hooks to the engine driven fuel pump.

Help: Replacement for Airborne STC Vacuum Pump - CESSNA .

Dec 07, 2012 · -Upgrade from the generator to the Planepower 50amp alternator ( 750+ install) and then get a 337 to install an electric powered vacuum pump (Tempest has one for 1600+ install). This would give the added power of the alternator at the expense of cost.

Tempest Oil Filter - AA48103-2 - Aircraft Specialties Services

Tempest Oil Filter - AA48103-2. Total Manufacturing Control – Tempest™ Original filters are the only aviation oil filters made in a state of the art aviation oil filter plant built solely for, and dedicated to, the manufacture of aviation oil filters. Total process control helps insure the highest standard of quality. Features and Benefits

Vacuum Pump-411: Continually Improving - Aviation Consumer

May 27, 2015 · Finally, the rear portion of the case was redesigned so that it will not shift and potentially bind the rotor should someone working on the engine inadvertently grab onto and pull or push the vacuum pump. Henderson told us that the life expectancy of Tempest 200-series pumps has gone from 600 hours to the 700-800-hour range.


Rapco dry air pumps are FAA approved dry air pumps offer quality and performance at a great price. They are available in new or overhauled models. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, Rapco offers many improved design features and an exceptional warranty. OVERHAULED RAPCO PUMPS are FAA approved and come with an FAA form 8130-3.

Dry Piston Pumps: A New Option for Vacuum Pumps | Aviation .

Vacuum pumps — most of us have been exposed to these aircraft components. For aircraft gyros, there have been two main choices for vacuum pumps — dry and wet. Both types of pumps use the same .

Dry Air Pumps- Vacuum/Pressure - Rapco, Inc.

New pumps also come with cooling fins that reduce operating temperatures and helps to extend pump life. In addition, there is no core charge when purchasing a new RAPCO dry air pump. All RAPCO dry air pumps, new or overhauled, are internally coated with a special Mil-Spec. hard lube coating that reduces friction and wear.